Fewer Posted Comments

Some of you have noticed that there aren’t as many comments on this site as there were in the past.  More and more of you are choosing to send a comment to me directly instead of posting one for all to see.  Based on some of the content I’ve received, and without getting into all the interesting details, it’s best for all concerned that the always highly creative and sometimes equally suggestive comments are sent directly to me because they would never be posted on this site!

As you know, I review every comment before it’s posted in a public section, I’m still getting a number of attempts to spam this site.  I quickly reject those supposed comments without a second thought.  Unfortunately, I have to review each potential comment before it appears on the site.  This not only takes time, but also causes other things not to get done, like posting new photos or replying to your comments.

If you want to share your comment with others, feel free to do so.  If you want to send a private note to me, please use the contact me page.  If you want to use this site to place an ad or sneak some spam in the Comments or want to say something that isn’t germane, please go elsewhere.

As always, thanks for your continued support!