Spring Motorcycle Ride Follow-up

We held our Spring Ride, after a longer-than-usual winter, and if the number of smiles and the volume of laughter are any indication, those who attended had a good time.  I know I enjoyed every minute of it!

We took in some sights, had a wonderful volunteer tour guide who knew so much about the geography and history of the area we visited that he should write a book about it!  Thank you, Danny!

We also had a farewell dinner, a first for our rides.  I wasn’t sure it was a good idea, but the consensus was that it put an end to our get together and helped people go back to their jobs and lives because it was a definitive end-point.  If you have any thoughts on continuing to do this, please contact me.

I have to tip my helmet to the volunteers who coordinated activities, managed events, and made our ride as positive as possible.  Robert, Bobbi, Danny, Gwen, Nick, Michelle, Montelie, and Katherine deserve our applause and appreciation for their hard work.  Thank you, one and all!

If you’d like to comment on our motorcycle rides, please contact me.

As always, thanks for your continued support!