Fourth of July Ride Follow-up

Those of you who follow this blog never cease to amaze me.  The Fourth of July Ride went off without a hitch.  As with any undertaking of this size, we worked our way through a number of issues.  After the dust settled and we all returned to our usual haunts, I have a number of people I need to thank.  Without their efforts and determination, the ride would have been much less fun.

Robert, Bonnie, George, Clive, Austin, Jason, Michelle, and Stephanie all volunteered to help make the ride a success.  From providing the first and last group riders, to make sure that everyone made the right turns, to lining up the hotel rooms and food stops, we owe this group our thanks.  Let me be the first to tip my riding helmet to each and every one of you!  The good humor you showed, even when tempers could have flared, is something that none of us will ever forget.  Sheila, the American flags on the bikes were an unexpected touch.  Thank you!

Based on the comments I heard during the ride and those shared with me after it ended, it’s safe to say that everyone enjoyed himself.  I know that I found several familiar faces quite welcoming and several new faces quite refreshing.  Thanks to everyone who rode with us or worked so hard to make it all happen!

I could drone on and on, but let me cut myself short and say that the way in which the group conducted itself was a tribute to everyone who participated.  There were no stupid motorcycle stunts, no alcohol-induced brain fades, or uncalled for remarks aimed at other participants.  It the span of two days, the group came together far more then I thought it would.

Thank you!  If the smiles I saw were any indication, we all got a lot of enjoyment from the magnificent scenery and our riding companions.  The only thing I would have done differently is to not make the trip on the Fourth of July.  (I know, you have to hold a Fourth of July motorcycle ride on July 4th, but the traffic was a bit of a mess.  A lot of people were out enjoying the sights at the same time we were!)

Here’s to old friends and new ones!  If you’d like, we can do this again.

If you’d like to share your thoughts with me on this or some other issue, please contact me.

As always, thanks for your continued support!