No New Computer Tech Specs

After last week’s post, I received more requests for the technical specifications of my new computer than I anticipated.  I also received a number of thoughtful comments from people in the computer security business urging me not to post or send out the specs for my new computer.

I was so concerned by some of the comments I received urging me to keep the specs to myself, I contacted several people and spoke with them.  The consensus of my conversations was that a few people would use the technical information to try to hack into my system.  (This is similar to the requests I receive all the time wanting to know the platform used to host this website.  Many of the questions are innocuous, but there are always those who would use that information for less-than-benign purposes.)

The security people informed me that I would do myself a disservice if I released any information on my new computer build.  I’m still shaking my head over the fact that a (very) few people can set the tone and agenda for a conversation between the rest of us.  Live and learn.

I apologize for saying that I’d release the specs.  I wasn’t aware of some of the information I recently learned.  After the discussions I’ve had, I need to review a number of the things that I do online.

If you’d like to share your thought or comments with me, please contact me.

As always, thanks for your continued support!