In my last post, I made a comment along the lines of “experts, whoever they are” regarding beer and what it should taste like.

The reaction I received was much larger and arrived more swiftly than I ever anticipated.  The reason for this is that I thought my comment was about as plain vanilla as possible.

It turns out that a number of you are much more into beer than I am and were quick to point out that “experts” on beer do exist and that my remark was an insult to them.

This is one of those times when we’re going to agree to disagree.  I have no doubt that there are people who know a lot about beer.  Just as there are people who know a lot about art.  My quandary comes into play when the nature of the expertise is subjective.

The point is that anything dealing with personal preferences is, by definition, subjective.  Were that not the case, there would be one standard upon which we all agreed.  For example, everyone agrees that a foot contains 12 inches.  That standard, among others, if critical to us in our daily lives.  However, I may have a preference for blondes or redheads.  Someone else might like brunettes.

This difference of opinion is just that, a difference of opinion.  As far as I know, there are no widely-accepted standards when it comes to determining the beauty of another person.  Although, science does indicate that there are certain ratios of physical features that cross cultures and point, possibly, toward a common definition of human beauty.  This does not negate the fact that different cultures focus on various aspects of the human anatomy to determine beauty.

It’s the same with beer.  My rule of thumb, that I use for beer or wine or beauty or darn near anything else that is highly subjective and intensely personal, is if I like it, it’s a good beer or wine.  If I don’t like it, all of the assurances from all of the “experts” in the field will not convince me that my assessment is incorrect.

For those of you who insulted me, called into question the marital status of my parents, insisted that my mother spent time in a kennel,  or just flatly stated that I was a buffoon, let me put the issue to rest.  You enjoy your beer or wine or take in beauty the way you want to and I’ll do the same.  I won’t tell you what you should drink or think and you won’t tell me what my personal preferences should be.  That seems like a fair compromise.  And a statement of the obvious.

If you’d like to share your comments with me on this, or any other topic, please contact me.

As always, thanks for your continued support!