Goodbye to an Old Friend

I took a short trip recently and brought along one of my favorite cameras.  It’s not the newest, most expensive, cheapest, or any other superlative you can think of, but I have used it for so long that it felt almost like an old friend.  It never let me down and always did things that I should have never asked or expected it to do.

While I was taking photos with it on my last short trip, it began to have trouble focusing and then flashed an error code in its viewfinder.  I looked up the error and learned that some of the internal parts had failed.  I tried several things to prolong its life, but each effort eventually met with failure.

When I returned to my home, I called the manufacturer to pursue repairing my old, faithful camera.  I received an estimate from them on the total cost of repairs and about suffered a heart attack.  I can buy another camera, albeit not the same discontinued model, far cheaper than I can get my current ailing one repaired.

The current one has more bells and whistles and all kinds of gizmos that my version one doesn’t have, but I don’t need all of the new features,  I didn’t use all the features on my present camera.  Most of the equipment I use far exceeds my abilities, but that’s another story for another time.

Rather than discard my faithful, trusty companion of many years, I’ve decided to keep it.  I cleared off a perch for it on one of my bookcases so that it can watch me as I go about reviewing and editing the future images I take.  Having my old, trusted camera with me seemed far more dignified than tossing it into a recycle center.  Maybe I’m too sentimental.

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