Fourth of July Ride

Several of you contacted me about a ride to celebrate our country’s independence.  In keeping with past 4th of July rides, please contact me if you’re interested in participating.  If the past is any indication of the future, I’m sure there will be more than enough of you to warrant putting such a ride together.

Unlike previous rides, this time I’m asking if any of you know of a route that you think would be enjoyed by our group.  Please don’t make it a difficult ride because, as you know, we have people with all levels of experience.  The point is that we want to include riders who may not have joined us on our trips before or who might not be as advanced as others.

Please contact me with the specifics of your route.  I’ll mull them over and then make a decision when I figure out what works the best for the riders as well as the volunteers who make it all happen.

If you’d like to pass along a proposed route, make a comment, share an opinion, or just throw in your two cents’ worth, please contact me.

As always, thanks for your continued good humor, support, and friendship!