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As a reminder, you can comment for 30 days after a post is made.  All of the comments on this blog have to be reviewed before they appear on this site.  Unless you state your desire to the contrary, your email address will not be published on this site if you send a note to me or comment on a post.

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As always, thanks for your continued support!

Comments on Podcasts

As you know, I’ve been recoding and posting a podcast for almost a year now.  It doesn’t seem possible, but the calendar tells me that 12 months have nearly come and gone since I took my first, tentative step on my initial podcast.

Between then and now, the number of comments I’ve received about my podcast has grown and the thoughtfulness of them has increased.  Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

We won’t always agree, but knowing that you took time from your day to send me a note means a lot to me.  Thank you!

If you’d like to share your thoughts with me on this, or any other topic, please contact me.

As always, thanks for your continued support!

Instagram Account

I’m pleased to announce that I finally posted some photos on my Instagram account.  I’ve had the account for years and put the first images on it a few weeks ago.  Nothing like being on top of things, right?

If you get a chance and have the inclination to take a look, please tell me what you think.  Even if we agree to disagree, hearing what you’re thinking is good.

If you’d like to comment on something else, please contact me.

As always, thanks for your continued support!

Valentine’s Day Giveaway Follow-up

On March 23rd, I asked for your thoughts on continuing the annual Valentine’s Day giveaway.  This came about because I completely forgot about the giveaway until several of you reminded me about it after Valentine’s Day had come and gone.

In my podcast and on this site, I asked for your thoughts about keeping the giveaway going.  After several weeks of gathering your electronic ballots, I can report that the consensus was the Valentine’s Day giveaway wasn’t that big a deal.

I was surprised by this, and I’m not sure I fully understand the reasons behind the number of votes calling for the giveaway’s cancellation.  Whatever the reason(s) was, I’m planning to honor the suggestions I received.  Unless there is a groundswell to keep it, the annual Valentine’s Day giveaway will not continue.

If you’d like to share your thoughts with me on this or something else, please contact me.

As always, thanks for your continued support!

Hasty Blog Post

Several sharp-eyed followers noticed that i accidentally posted a blog before its time.  Yes, it’s true, I made a mistake and hit the wrong button.

Even though I corrected my error very quickly, several of you sent me notes letting me know that you had seen the post and asking where it went.  I was scheduling it for a future date when I inadvertently posted it.  Oops!

If you’d like to send me a comment on this or anything else, please contact me

As always, thanks for your continued support!

Fourth of July Motorcycle Ride

Last week, I said that this year’s ride was all scheduled and that a team of volunteers had already done all of the work so that we would have a good time together.  I also asked you let me know if you were interested in attending.

The number of slots for the ride filled up in less than 3 days.  I have an Alternate List that will be used if people change their minds, have a scheduling conflict, or decide they don’t want to join us for whatever reason.  The list is also first-come, first-served.

I’ve sent out the information on the ride to those who will be riding with us.  If you have not received the information on the ride, please contact me so that I can make sure to get it to you sooner rather than later.  If a spot opens up, I’ll get the info packet to the latest person to join our motley crew.

If you’d like to share your thoughts on this or some other topic, please contact me.

As always, thanks for your continued support!