Fall Ride Photos Posted in Total

I think I won’t look at another computer screen for several days so that I can get my eyes to focus on something that isn’t glowing at me.

The photos are all posted for your enjoyment.  I spent quite a number of hours working on the project, but after having a chance to see them, I know it was worth your time to take the pictures and my time to post them.

Thanks for sharing your images.  I know that others in the group like looking at them just as much as I do.

I also have to express my appreciation for your playing by the rules.  I only had a few pictures that didn’t meet the family-friendly criterion.  As you’d expect, they weren’t posted.  Thank you for making my job easier because I didn’t have to wade through images that were never going to get posted.

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As always, thanks for your continued support!

More Photos Posted

As some of you already noted, I’ve posted more photos.  If you’d like to look them over, you can find them here.

I haven’t been posting as many as usual, something that several of you called to my attention.  Without getting into the details, I’ve been busy doing other things.  I’ve taken some photos, but I haven’t had the time to review them so that I can post the ones that are worth your time.

I hope to rectify this is the relatively near future.  Right now, I don’t have a definite date for you, but I’ll do what I can to share more pictures with you.

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As always, thanks for your continued support!

Wedding Photos

A friend of mine recently asked me to photograph his wedding.  I told him I didn’t do wedding photography very well, but he insisted and I agreed.

I’m happy to share with you that he and his blushing bride are quite pleased with my efforts.  I’m elated that I didn’t botch their special day by taking terrible photos.  It looks like things worked out all the way around.

Until I did this, I had no idea just how busy I’d be before, during, and after the ceremony.  I was running all the time.  It’s a good thing that I had 3 extra batteries with me or I would have run out of wedding photos before they were pronounced man and wife.  It’s not good to miss the reason why you’re there because you ran out of batteries.  Not good at all!

Thanks to them for having faith in me.  I can’t say that I want to do that again because it’s a great deal of work in a relatively short time.  My hat’s off to people who do it for a living.  If I earned my daily bread that way, I’d have to get much better at it.  Or do something else.

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Fourth of July Ride Photos

It’s with a smile that I announce the images from our Fourth of July ride are posted and awaiting your review.  I sent each of the ride participants an email with the URL and password so that you can look over the images that immortalized our ride together.  I’m also grinning because I know that none of you expected me to have the pictures available this quickly.  No, I’m not going to gloat.  I think an extra- wide grin will suffice just fine.

In keeping with the family-friendly photo requirement, I declined to post images that, while highly creative, didn’t meet the G-rating of this website.  Based on what you shared with me, it looks like a lot of you did things that were, shall we say, very interesting.  I saw a several examples of things that I thought were humanly impossible.  Only the photos forced me to change my mind.  I’m going to leave my remarks there.

If you’d like to share your thoughts with me, please contact me.

As always, thanks for your continued support!

Spring Ride Photos

Thanks to Dave, Tim, and Stephanie for reminding me that I hadn’t posted the photos from our Spring Ride.  With all of the discussion about the 4th of July ride, getting a new camera, and a number of things going on behind the scenes, I nearly forgot to post them.  Mea culpa!

If you haven’t gotten an email from me telling you the location and password for the Spring Ride photos, please contact me.

I hope I do better getting the photos from our upcoming Fourth of July ride posted.  If not, please prompt me to get off the dime.

If you’d like to drop me a note, or leave a comment, please contact me.

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New Camera

A short time ago, I mentioned the passing of one of my favorite cameras.  I put it in a place of honor in my study and then turned my attention to finding a suitable replacement, one that would serve me as long and faithfully as it did over many, many years.  After quite search, I found its replacement and I’ll bring it with me on our Fourth of July ride.

The new camera is in the travel camera category.  I wanted a camera that I could literally stick into a pocket.  I have other cameras that produce higher quality photos, but I went with this particular model because having a picture of something that occurred, even though it’s not quite as good as an image another camera would produce, beats not having a photo of a singular, evocative instant.

I’ll be able to take pictures without having to break out all of the camera bags, lenses, and everything else that usually get in the way of enjoying the moment.  In other words,  I hope to keep you on your toes when it comes to your photo-snapping frenzy of candid images!

As I’m sure your surmised, I’ll be putting the images I take on this site for all the ride’s participants to review and, hopefully, enjoy.  Any of you who wish to share your photos are welcome to do so.  Keep them family-friendly and all is good.

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New Photos Posted

Some of you already commented on the new photos I posted in the recent past.  If you’d like to look at them, you can find them here.

These were some of the last images I took with my recently-departed camera.  I’m still struggling to understand why it costs more to get a camera fixed than to buy a new one, but I may never truly understand that conundrum.  Time will tell.

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