My parents gave me a point-and-shoot camera when I was a child (around 5 years old) and I’ve been taking pictures ever since.  I used black-and-white film to learn the basics of photography.  Not only was it cheaper to develop than color film, but it forced me to compose my photos more carefully than did color film.

What started out as nothing short of magic changed as my understanding of how cameras worked grew.  The mathematics behind f-stops, focal planes, depths of field, effects of various filters, and a host of other technical issues intrigued me.  The more I learned, the more the technical aspects of taking pictures made sense to me.

In spite of understanding the ratios and angles of refraction involved in photography, the one thing that I’ve never outgrown is the sense of awe when the shutter is released.  The resultant image captures a single moment in time, usually measured as a fraction of a second, that will never come again.  These photographic time machines allow us to enjoy the beauty of the world around us and to recall people and events from days gone by.  In a sense, they are frozen in time despite the fact that passage of time itself has continued.

Why did I share all of this with you?  To let you know that I understand what it means when you see a photo that captures the beauty, actions, or emotions of a moment that will never come again.

Photographic Subjects

My focus (pun intended) is outdoor and wildlife photography.  I specialize in taking pictures of nature in all its beauty, grandeur, and majesty. While my photo library contains more images than any sane person would possess, I am currently featuring landscapes and North American flora, fauna, and parks. If you have a specific photographic need and can’t find what you’re looking for, contact me and I’ll do my best to find the perfect photo for you!

I recently started posting photos of people.  I’ve taken them for all of my life.  In fact, the first photo I ever sold was of a person.  I separated my images into those that are available to the public and those that are from private meetings or other photos that were never intended to have a wide audience.

Portfolio and Image Compression Info

My portfolio is arranged alphabetically by location or subject.  I (try to) update the pictures regularly.  The photos on this website are just a few of the thousands that I have on hand.  If you’d like other photos of the same area or of similar scenery, please contact me. I’ll do everything I can to find you the photo you need.

To facilitate faster loading of this website on your computer, the photos have been compressed.  Due to that compression, they may appear slightly blurry or out of focus, but that’s just due to expanding a compressed photo past its optimal size.  The photos that you purchase will be as sharp and clear as the day they were taken.

Panoramic Images

The panoramic photos were made from a series of pictures that were stitched together to create the final image.  The combined picture existed at the time the individual photos were taken and was not changed to show something that wasn’t present when the shutter release was tripped.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGrand Tetons and Snake River

None of the photos on this website has been altered by the use of software to create a final image that never really existed.  I try to capture the world as it is, rather than the world as I would like it to be.  Over the years, I’ve come to understand that nature is far more capable than I am of presenting beauty in ways I couldn’t image.


Photography has been in my blood since I was a child.  I’ve taken photos for several international corporations and my work was included in a number of global ad campaigns.  My photos have been displayed in a number of galleries.  I sold my first photo when I was in my early teens, which, admittedly, was a good number of years ago.  I’ve always tried to capture the splendor and majesty of this place we all call home.

Merced River in Yosemite Valley


I use digital cameras for the overwhelming majority of photos I take; however, I also use film-based cameras (35MM and medium-format) to best capture the awe-inspiring magnificence of the world around us.


Old Wagon