Photo Info Links

Here are a list of links that I’ve found useful in terms of photography.  I hope you also enjoy them.


Amateur Photographer

Backyard Shots

Bear Woods

Digital Cameras

Digital SLR Guide

Digital Photography Review

Digital Photography School


Digital Photo Magazine


Guide to Film Photography

Learning DSLR Video

Luminous Landscape

National Geographic Society

New York Institute of Photography


Outdoor Exposure

Outdoor Photographer

Outdoor Photos

Outdoor Photo Workshops

Photo Focus


Photography Life

Photo Information

Photo Safari Hawaii

Picture Correct

Popular Photography Magazine

Photography Monthly

Range Finder Forum


Sports Shooter


If you’d like to share your thoughts and make suggestions for inclusion in these links, contact me.

A link on this website does not mean that I endorse or support the photographer or the products offered. The links are provided as a convenient way to learn about other photographers and their work. I’ve also included links to provide access to a number of resources available to those of us who prefer to be behind the camera.

I’ll be adding and deleting from the lists over time. If you have a website that you would like me to include on this page, please let me know. If your website is included and you prefer it wasn’t, drop me a note. I’ll honor your request as quickly as I can and remove your website from these lists. Please, do NOT send me link requests for off-color (no pun intended, but you know what I mean) websites. Just so you know, I’m the sole arbiter of what is an appropriate link on this website.